Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Other Sites

In addition to "My Own Little World," I currently maintain the following sites:
  •, which focuses specifically on my books, stories, and invented world
  • my Google Plus site, (mostly private) which I'm not entirely sure what to do with yet
  • my Facebook site, (mostly private) which I occasionally post to, but primarily use to find out what my friends are up to
  • I occasionally blog at Daily Kos (as slb36cornell) and frequently comment at Political Wire (under an assumed name)
  • I post book reviews at Goodreads
  • I do not "tweet" and I am not "LinkedIn." A man's got to draw the line somewhere!
I invite you to explore Tornalia, particularly if you are interested in my writings. This site, My Own Little World, will be more introspective and personal, but will also go into more detail on my political views and opinions.

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